When can I expect to receive my security deposit back after I move? Will I receive a full refund of my deposit?

A.I.M. Property Management will send the security deposit refund check within 21 days of your return of possession to the forwarding address you provide. You can receive the full deposit back so long as the following happen:

  • Lease term has expired or Agreement has been terminated in writing by both parties; and
  • Lessee has given a written, paid thirty day (30-day) notice to vacate; and
  • No damage has been done to Property or its contents, except normal wear & tear; and
  • Property is returned by Leassee professionally cleaned of all trash, debris and personal items removed; and,
  • All rent, fees and charges have been paid by Leassee in full; and
  • All door keys and amenity keys, mailbox keys, access cards, gate openers, garage door openers, if any, have been returned to Management.
Should I contact the building or association manager for problems if I live in a condominium or townhome community?

No, A.I.M. Property Management should be your main point of contact for any issues in your property. If needed, A.I.M. will coordinate with the building or association manager to assess or approve repairs.

If I have maintenance issues, can I call a repairman and deduct the cost from my rent?

No, do not call a contractor on your own. You are not authorized to perform or contract for any repairs on the property. If you call a contractor and incur any bill or invoice for any repair on the property, you are doing so at your own cost. Neither Management nor the property owner will reimburse you for those costs. All repairs must be approved by the property owner, through Management. You must contact Management so we can arrange for all repairs/maintenance on all systems, appliances, and the structure of the property.

I have an emergency maintenance problem. How do I get in touch with someone?

In the event of a life-threatening emergency where you feel your safety or the safety of someone in the building is immediately threatened, please call 911 and once in a safe location, please call our office at 909 795-6875.
For all other emergencies, please call our office at 909 795-6875. If it is after hours, please call our office at 909 795-6875 and leave a message. This will be forwarded to one of our staff who will be in contact with you shortly after receiving the voicemail. After you have called the office to notify us of the emergency, please go to your portal fill out the online maintenance request. This will provide us a detail of the issue in writing for your file as all maintenance requests MUST be submitted in writing, including emergencies.

How do I handle my move-out?

We understand that your last few weeks of residency will be exceptionally busy ones; however, we do request that you attend to a number of important details:

  • Please insure that you have turned in your written notice to vacate notice.
  • You have possession of the property through 11:59AM on the date you are vacating. All keys, remotes, access cards, gate openers, etc. must be returned to Management by the same day your lease ends. If you have to put the keys, etc. in the drop box, please put them in a bag or envelope labeled with what property they belong to.
  • In order to return possession of the unit, ALL keys to the house must be brought to Management’s office and turned in. The keys represent possession of the property. DO NOT LEAVE ANY KEYS OR GARAGE DOOR REMOTES AT THE PROPERTY. If you do not return ALL keys and remotes to the office, you will be charged at the daily rate for each day they are not returned.
  • You must provide Management with a forwarding address. If you are returning the keys via the drop box, please include your forwarding address at that time.
  • All utilities must remain on until the final day of your lease. Management will email you details on how to handle the transition of utilities.
  • If you owe any balance, those amounts must be satisfied prior to vacating the unit.
  • You are required to have the unit professionally cleaned. Please provide us with a receipt of the cleaning from the company upon move-out.
How do I file a maintenance request?

Complete the maintenance request form on the maintenance repair page. Please include a picture of the issue as well, if possible. We will contact you within 48 hours regarding any request.

How can I pay my Rent?

You can pay your rent on line. There is a small convenience fee for online payments. You can mail a check to our office located at 501 E. Citrus Ave Suite C Redlands CA 92373. Or you can drop a check off at our office. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 4:30PM. We also have a convenient after-hours drop box in our front door if you stop by when we are closed.

How am I expected to leave the home?

Upon move out, you are expected to return the home essentially the same way you received it. We expect to see that no damage has been done to property or its contents, except normal wear and tear, that the property is professionally cleaned, with all trash, debris and personal items removed.

Does A.I.M. Property Management own my property?

No, our managed properties are owned by individuals. We act on the property owner’s behalf in managing the property. In many cases, owner or building approval will be needed for repairs. A.I.M. Property Management will work diligently with all parties in responding to your repair request.

Do I need to notify anyone else of my move out?

If you live in a condominium building or townhome community, it is likely that you will need to notify the building/association management company. You may need to reserve elevators, loading docks, moving corridors, alleyways, parking spots, and ramps in and around the building. In addition, you will likely need to pay move out fees and deposits to the association. All condo association rules and regulations will need to be followed during your move. A.I.M Property Management will assist you by providing initial paperwork with rules, regulations, move forms and fee notices. Note that many associations have day and time restrictions for moves, so you will need to keep this in mind when submitting your intent to vacate form and planning the termination of your lease. It is your responsibility to make proper reservations for your move out in any building or community.

Do I have to be there for my move out walk through?

We do not schedule move out walk through appointments. We will perform the move out walk through within 3 business days of receiving possession of the property from you. We will contact you via email with our findings and mail you hard copies of the move out findings and security deposit transmittal to the forwarding address you provide.

Can I paint the interior of the home I rent?

No, a tenant may not paint or wallpaper any part of the property without prior written consent of management.